Teatro del Dongo. 2003, 250 x 146 x 106 cm, wood

Teatro del Dongo

The Archbishop´s young coadjutor, Fabricio del Dongo*, is as strongly passionate as the objects of his passion are easily interchangeable. The latest, unattainable subject of his passion, Clélia Crescenzi, is sitting in her box at the principal theatre of Parma to attend a performance by a certain tenor from Milan. Fabricio is also there, in a box opposite that of Clélia´s, looking at her in disguise. In the middle of the performance, Fabricio leaves hastily from the theatre in order to reach his church (where he usually holds his increasingly passionate sermons awaiting for C to attend). On climbing into the pulpit, he notices that the whole of the audience from the principal theatre, which equals the high society of the small town, is now present in his church awaiting another inspired sermon. Only Clélia and the tenor remain alone at the theatre.

*The main character in The Charterhouse of Parma by Stendhal.